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Love Flowers? Of course you do - I mean really, who doesn't? Is there a certain project you've been eyeing on Pinterest and now you've decide that you're going to go for it? Perhaps you're a part time pro and need some flowers every now & then.. Wherever you are on your floral design journey, we applaud you for giving it a try! And we're here to you help you!


Give us a call for any of the following:

Wholesale Flowers: Buy 4 or more bunches of any type of flowers and automatically qualify for our wholesale pricing! You could even throw in some supplies. (Now these are straight from the market and super fresh, so if you would like us to clean & process them, there would be an additional fee. Call us for more specifics.) 


Rent our work space: Working a large project that requires you to spread out a little? Maybe your kitchen table isn't big enough and your home fridge is filled with well.. food? No worries! You can temporarily borrow ours. Rent a table for a couple hours or a full day. Let's discuss what you need and how we can help!



Call us today for any of these fun extras! (510) 582-4667 or shoot us an email at